A solver for compressible turbulent flow has been developed for a single stage environment. The current work presents the results of numerical simulations of ‘proposed high pressure compressor’ (HPC) using an exact geometry dimensions with full flow conditions. The flow solver is based on the Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes (RNS) equations in which the algebraic Baldwin-Lomax model is adopted. This numerical scheme simulates the steady flow phenomena of stator-rotor interaction in single stage environment. The numerical method used in the solver serves as a basis for many CFD works in the group. The accurate numerical analysis of complex flows associated with stator/rotor configurations in turbomachinery can be very helpful for understanding the flow phenomena. A comprehensive and satisfactory theoretical prediction of the whole process of blade row interaction will only be available when viscous and mixing effects can be taken into account numerically. The current analysis is used to predict the convective heat transfer on the suction and pressure surfaces of the ‘proposed HPC’.

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