The present paper discusses several modern wrought superalloys that are being used for various hot gas path components in modern gas turbines. HAYNES® 230™ alloy (Ni-22Cr-14W-2Mo) is used for combustors and transition pieces to replace an old combustor alloy, HASTELLOY® X alloy (Ni-22Cr-19Fe-9Mo), because of higher creep-rupture strength, better oxidation resistance, higher low-cycle fatigue resistance, and other improved properties. The alumina forming HAYNES 214™ alloy (Ni-16Cr-3Fe-4.5Al-Y) replaces HASTELLOY X for honeycomb seals because of its superior oxidation resistance. HAYNES 242™ alloy (Ni-8Cr-25Mo), strengthened by a long-range ordered phase Ni2(Cr,Mo) with low thermal expansion and high strength, is used for turbine casings and seal rings. A less expensive, nitride-strengthened Fe-Ni-Cr alloy, HAYNES HR-120™ alloy, offers an attractive upgrade to many stainless steels and some Ni-base alloys for less demanding, hot section components.

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