The industrial Trent is the largest aeroderivative gas turbine available, at 50+ MW, and the most efficient gas turbine available to industrial and marine operators, at 42%. Its Dry Low Emissions combustion system embodies the features of the similar combustor on the industrial RB211, which is enjoying very successful service experience.

Its design features and derivation from the aero engine are reviewed, together with an assessment of the maintenance aspects of the engine.

The current status of the engine validation programme is discussed, covering both component rig testing and progress on the full engine testing being carried out in Montreal, Canada.

The applications of the industrial Trent are considered by reviewing the major markets and examining its suitability, both technically and economically, for several existing and emerging sectors.

Launched as a power generation machine, the industrial Trent is shown to be well suited to those sectors which have resulted from the growing deregulation of this industry worldwide. In addition it is shown to be attractive for certain applications in the oil and gas industry and, in the marine market, for some large high speed vessel concepts.

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