A fast, interactive, flexible computer program has been developed to facilitate system selection and design for gas turbine based power and cogeneration plants. A data base containing ISO performance information on forty-two gas turbines is coupled to an off-design model to predict engine characteristics for different site and installation parameters. A heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) model allows boiler size and cost to be estimated as a function of the system’s technical parameters. The model can handle HRSG’s with up to two live steam pressures plus a third feedheating/deaerating drum. Five basic types of combined cycle are covered with up to four different process steam streams for cogeneration or gas turbine injection. Two additional feedheating steam bleeds are supported for condensing combined cycles. The program is intelligent with some internal decision making capabilities regarding process steam sourcing and flow directions and will automatically select the appropriate heat and mass balance procedures to cover a wide variety of process flow schematics. The program provides plotter outputs to show the cycle process flow schematic, T-s and h-s diagrams, and HRSG temperature profiles. An application of GTPRO in analyzing some technical and economic performance trade-offs for two-pressure combined cycles is presented.

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