A comprehensive field test was performed to evaluate the suitability of H-Coal middle distillate and full-range Exxon Donor Solvent (EDS) coal derived liquids (CDLs) as utility combustion turbine fuels. A Westinghouse W251AA 26 MW combustion turbine operated by the Philadelphia Electric Company was the test engine. No. 2 petroleum distillate fuel was also fired to establish baseline data. This program was sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute.

Site modifications included a temporary CDL storage and fuel transfer system, water storage and injection equipment, an instrumented combustor, engine and emissions instrumentation and data acquisition systems, and industrial hygiene facilities required for the proper handling of the CDLs.

The overall results of testing were positive for using such CDL fuels in combustion turbines for power generation. With the exception of higher combustor metal temperatures with the CDLs, and persistent fuel filter plugging with the EDS fuel, (which occurred even with increased fuel temperature and filter size), the engine operated satisfactorily during approximately 80 hours of total running over the standard range of load and water injection conditions.

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