Under the “Advanced Cooling Full-Scale Engine Demonstration” Program, the Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. is developing a combustor fabricated from Lamilloy, to be used in a Westinghouse W501 industrial combustion turbine on coal derived or residual fuel, which is aimed at using less cooling air and improving reliability.

A Full-Scale Rig Test Program of the Lamilloy combustor is being conducted at the Westinghouse Combustion Turbine Systems Division. Combustion rig tests have been performed on the full-size Lamilloy combustor on a low hydrogen coal-derived liquid and on standard #2 distillate fuel.

The Lamilloy combustor is a multiple laminate porous structure, formed from three diffusion bonded, etched Hastelloy-X sheets. Preliminary test results are given for both fuels and include wall temperatures, emissions and combustor performance for burner outlet temperatures up to 2200°F.

Acceptable wall temperature levels were obtained for both fuels, using cooling air flows below those required for the conventional film cooled design. Reduced cooling air requirements permitted larger diluent air flows and a corresponding reduction in pattern factor.

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