This paper describes the results of combustion tests of two scaled burners using actual coal gas from a 25 ton/day fluidized bed coal gasifier. The two combustor configurations studied were a ceramic-lined, staged rich/lean burner and an integral, all metal multi-annular swirl burner (MASB). The tests were conducted over a range of temperatures and pressures representative of current industrial combustion turbine inlet conditions. Tests on the rich lean burner were conducted at three levels of product gas heating values: 104, 197 and 254 Btu/Scf. Corresponding levels of NOx emissions were 5, 20 and 70 ppmv. Nitrogen was added to the fuel in the form of ammonia, and conversion efficiencies of fuel nitrogen to NOx were found to be on the order of 4 to 12 percent, which is somewhat lower than the 14 to 18 percent conversion efficiency when SRC-II liquid fuel was used. The MASB was tested only on medium Btu gas (220 to 270 Btu/Scf), and produced approximately 80 ppmv NOx at rated engine conditions. It is concluded that both burners operated similarly on actual coal gas and ERBS fuel, and that all heating values tested can be successfully burned in current machines.

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