The PGT 10, a heavy-duty two shaft industrial gas turbine in the 10,000 to 14,000 HP (7,500 to 10,500 kW) nominal power range has been designed; the prototype unit is in construction, with testing scheduled in 1986.

The main distinctive design features are a high pressure ratio and the capability of regenerative cycle operation, coupled with an uncommon combination of adjustable compressor stator vanes and power turbine nozzles, providing very high flexibility in control of cycle parameters. In association with state of art firing temperatures, simple cycle thermal efficiencies up to 34% can be anticipated, while a 36% efficiency level over the whole power range is possible with coupling to a regenerator.

Reliability and long life of hot parts were pursued through extensive reference to successful heavy-duty turbine experience and careful trade-off between aerodynamic design and implementation of nozzle and blade cooling devices; extensive laboratory model tests have been performed to properly check and calibrate hot part cooling flows and distributions prior to full prototype testing.

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