A flat bladed axial swirler of 0.7 swirl number has been investigated in a 76 mm diameter combustor with all the combustion air passing through the swirler. Both liquid and gaseous fuels were used with eight injection points on the combustor wall just downstream of the swirler. This wall injection was aimed at the exploitation of centrifugal mixing forces acting on the burnt gas pockets at the wall to send them towards the centre and to displace higher density unburnt gas pockets to the wall and so promote mixing. For both kerosene and propane fuels there was a significant improvement in the combustion efficiency and NOX emissions compared with central fuel injection. For kerosene the NOX emissions were lower than for propane and very close to those for premixed fuel and air. However, for gas oil there was little improvement in performance with wall injection compared with central. This was attributed to the slower vaporisation rate with gas oil coupled with the centrifugal action on the liquid droplets with central injection.

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