As advances are made in flue-gas clean-up systems, such as electrostatic precipitators, wet and dry desulfurization techniques and deNOX catalysers, the environmental impact of conventional steam turbine power plants fired with pulverized coal can be reduced at great expense in the form of additional capital investment and lowered station efficiency. The clean fuel gas obtainable from various coal-gasification processes, however, can be used to generate electricity with excellent efficiency and low-pollution emissions in low-cost unfired combined-cycle power plants of modular design. These are termed GUD power plants from the German designation “Gas und Dampf” meaning gas and steam. The overall efficiency is appreciably enhanced by closely integrating the gas-production process with the power generating cycle. Such an integrated coal-gasification combined-cycle installation should thus allow China to exploit its vast coal reserves for electrical energy production in both the most economical and environmentally acceptable way.

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