An ASME performance test code. PTC 47, for integrated gasification combined cycle, IGCC. plants is currently being written. This code will include definitions of the significant overall plant and plant component performance results — input, output, and effectiveness. It will indicate the measurements and measurement techniques required to calculate these results, and estimate systematic uncertainties associated with each measurement, as well as random uncertainties due to the measuring device or variations in plant conditions during the test. The code writing committee is making use of mathematical models of the performance of various IGCC power plant configurations to aid in the work of code preparation and testing.

The objective of this paper is to describe how computerized system performance models are now being used in the preparation of PTC 47, and to indicate how such models might be used in the conduct of performance tests in the future. The general form of a system performance model is discussed to clarify how it relates to correction factors for system performance parameters — input, output, and effectiveness: but the paper does not include defining or solving the actual equations of a system performance model.

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