To analyze combustion oscillation in the premixed combustor, a large-eddy simulation program for premixed combustion flow was developed. The subgrid scale (SGS) model of eddy viscosity type for compressible turbulence (Speziale et al., 1988) was adopted to treat the SGS fluxes. The fractal flamelet model, which utilizes the fractal properties of the turbulent premixed flame to obtain the reaction rate, was developed.

Premixed combustion without oscillation was analyzed to verify the present method. The computational results showed good accordance with experimental data (Rydén et al., 1993).

The combustion oscillation of an “established buzz” type in the premixed combustor (Langhorne, 1988) was also analyzed. The present method succeeded in capturing the oscillation accurately. The detailed mechanism was investigated. The appearance of the non-heat release region, which is generated because the supply of the unburnt gas into the combustion zone stagnates, and its disappearance play an important role.

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