This paper describes the development of an extremely fast method to obtain the unbalance response of multiple mode rotors supported on Squeeze Film Dampers (SFDs). Planar modal analysis theory is used to model the rotor-SFD system. Undamped critical speed analysis is performed to obtain the rotor eigenvalues and eigenvectors. The SFD nonlinear forces are included in the modal force vector. The system differential equations are constructed for the system and are uncoupled using the orthogonal properties of modal vectors. Assuming circular orbit, consistent with planar modes, the differential equations are converted into algebraic ones. A polynomial in speed is obtained through algebraic manipulations. This polynomial represents the steady state behavior of the rotor-SFD system. The full unbalance response is directly obtained by finding the roots of the polynomial for each particular orbit. This method is extremely fast compared to numerical integration and to iterative methods. The developed method is useful in performing parametric studies and optimum design of SFDs. Twenty five orders of magnitude computer lime savings are reported. Part II of the paper presents parametric studies of an aircraft gas turbine fan rotor supported by an SFD.

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