In this paper, a novel technology based on the zero CO2 emission MATIANT (contraction of the names of the 2 designers: MATHIEU and IANTOVSKI) cycle is presented. This latter is basically a gas cycle and consists of a supercritical CO2 Rankine-like cycle on top of regenerative CO2 Brayton cycle. CO2 is the working fluid and O2 is the fuel oxidizer in the combustion chambers. The cycle uses the highest temperatures and pressures compatible with the most advanced materials in the steam and gas turbines. In addition, a reheat and a staged compression with intercooling are used. Therefore the optimized cycle efficiency rises up to around 45% when operating on natural gas. A big asset of the system is its ability to remove the CO2 produced in the combustion process in liquid state and at high pressure, making it ready for transportation, for reuse or for final storage. The assets of the cycle are mentioned. The technical issues for the predesign of a prototype plant are reviewed.

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