Solar Turbines Incorporated has extended the size-range of its’ turbomachinery products with development of the Titan™ 130 industrial gas turbine. The 13 megawatt-class, simple-cycle machine is designed to produce 13.3 MW (17,800 hp) output power with a thermal efficiency of 34.5% at ISO inlet conditions with no losses. The larger gas turbine is intended to meet increasing market demands in gas compression and mechanical pump-drive industrial applications.

The overall engine design is based on aerodynamic-scale of the 7 MW-class Taurus™ 70 gas turbine with similar operating cycle parameters. The engine configuration consists of hardware that has been scaled from the Taurus 70 and components that are common with the Mars® gas turbine. As with the Taurus 70 and Mars products, the Titan 130 gas turbine features a low emissions combustion system based on Solar’s proven dry, lean-premix, pollution-prevention technology. The enhance system is capable of reducing pollutant emissions over an extended operating range from part-load to full-load conditions.

This paper discusses the evolutionary design of the Titan 130 from the Taurus 70 and Mars gas turbines products. Descriptions of the basic configuration, component scaling techniques and modular design construction are presented.

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