A catalytically assisted ceramic combustor for a gas turbine was designed to achieve low NOx emission under 5ppm at a combustor outlet temperature over 1300°C. This combustor is composed of a burner system and a ceramic liner behind the burner system. The burner system consists of 6 catalytic combustor segments and 6 premixing nozzles, which are arranged in parallel and alternately. The ceramic liner is made up of the layer of outer metal wall, ceramic fiber and inner ceramic tiles.

Fuel flow rates for the catalysts and the premixing nozzles are controlled independently. Catalytic combustion temperature is controlled under 1000°C, premixed gas is injected from the premixing nozzles to the catalytic combustion gas and lean premixed combustion over 1300°C is carried out in the ceramic liner. This system was designed to avoid catalytic deactivation at high temperature and thermal and mechanical shock fracture of the honeycomb monolith of the catalyst.

A combustor for a 10MW class, multi-can type gas turbine was tested under high pressure conditions using LNG fuel. Measurements of emission, temperature, etc. were made to evaluate combustor performance under various combustion temperatures and pressures.

This paper presents the design features and the test results of this combustor.

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