During the preliminary design and analysis phase of a gas turbine combustor, trade studies of the effects of design variables on emissions and operability are necessary to ensure a successful design. Due to the considerable resources required for full computational combustion dynamics simulations, simplified design tools are required for rapid analysis of a large number of design variable combinations. In a previous paper, a semi-analytical model of a gas turbine combustor was described (Tonouchi, et al., 1997). The model employs a gas particle Monte Carlo technique to simulate the effects of finite-rate micro- and macro-mixing, including full detailed chemical kinetics (Bowman, et al., 1997). Initial model validation work focused on emissions calculations for conventional rich dome combustors. This work presents NOx and CO emissions calculations for a single-cup natural gas-fired dry low emissions (DUE) combustor, and comparison to experimental data. The effect of parametric variation of the micro- and macro-mixing model constants, assigned volumes of the primary and secondary zones, and inlet unmixedness on the results are also presented.

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