Elsta B.V. Co., C.V., requested that the General Electric Company and Turbotecnica/Nuovo Pignone propose expanding fuels flexibility for the three MS9001E, DLN-1 (TM) units (being) installed at Terneuzen, The Netherlands. The major challenge was the use of a process gas rich in hydrogen for mixing with normal plant natural gas fuel supply so that molecular hydrogen in the mixture reached 10 percent by volume. Evaluation of the gas turbine combustor operation, based on the criteria of emissions, stability and turndown, required extensive testing, first at the General Electric Corporate Research and Development Center, then at the Schenectady (Building 262) Combustion Laboratory, a full pressure combustor test facility, and finally at Terneuzen with the gas turbines and plant owner’s fuel mixing and forwarding systems. Results of this field testing, built upon the earlier work, are detailed below.

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