Utilising biomass in the CHP production is not without difficulties: the chemical and physical characteristics of the biofuels; corrosion, slagging and fouling; and working environment. An in-situ high-temperature corrosion monitoring test system was successfully developed. Furthermore, activities have been launched to develop a straw pre-processing method separating the aggressive substances from straw.

As a result of the gasification projects (straw, coal-straw, wood chips) it was concluded that it is possible to gasify straw — probably for 100% straw and definitely for 50/50 blends, although with some difficulties — and for wood chips deposit formation was a major obstacle. Further R&D is definitely needed, but with the limited international interest the gasification technology seems to have reached a dead end in Denmark.

Another focal point is the working environment, where care must be taken to limit any potential health hazards resulting from the handling of long-term stored biofuels.

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