This paper covers 35 years of operation with the ROLLS-ROYCE Marine PROTEUS Gas Turbine in the Swedish Navy SPICA class Torpedo Boats and the NORRKÖPING class Missile Boats.

54 installed PROTEUS Gas Turbines in 18 boats have accumulated nearly 300 000 running hours. The service is intended to continue until year 2010.

The paper describes:

• Experience from operation.

• Technical problems and their solutions.

• Major modifications.

• Life extension program.

• Problem areas.

• The future of the PROTEUS within Swedish Navy.

The Swedish Navy operation of PROTEUS engines in fast surface attack ships is demanding and the environment is harsh. This causes great strain to the entire machinery.

With the Gas Turbine Propulsion new Ship maneuvering technique had to be developed and adopted.

Initial installation and engine problems had to be cured.

Throughout the years several technical problems have turned up and been solved.

The largest number or serious engine damages has been Power degradation and broken Compressor or burnt Turbine Blades and Vanes. Mainly as a result of a fouled Compressor, incorrect Bleed Valve setting or corrosion.

Next largest engine problem has been vibration. In the early days engine related but nowadays generated by the installation or other equipment in the ship.

All efforts laid down by involved personnel has greatly contributed to improve the reliability of the engine and its installation.

New problems will certainly show up by age and changed operational procedures, thus calling for a continued improvement work.

Spare parts accessibility will be the limiting factor for future PROTEUS operation. Therefore cooperation with ROLLS-ROYCE and the remaining operators in Spare Parts production and for exchange of Spare Parts is essential.

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