Detailed experiments have been made in a 4-stage axial compressor of industrial design. The exit flow field of the rotor of the first stage was measured by hot-wire anemometry and fast-response pressure probes under design operating conditions. Tandem inlet guide vanes (IGV) are situated upstream of the first rotor.

Flow field results are presented for total pressure, massflux and swirl angle over a closely-spaced grid of probe locations in radial and circumferential directions in the absolute and rotating frame of reference. The tandem inlet guide vane row and stage 1 vane row are positioned peripherally for various settings (clocking).

Depending on the peripherical position of IGV and stator 1 the mean values for one rotor pitch varies by 1.5% for mass flow, 1.3° for swirl angle and 8.7% for total pressure.

Loss in total pressure at the rotor exit is a minimum, when the IGV row wakes enter the downstream rotor passage at about 1/4 pitch from the suction-side. Blade and vane channels have similar pitchwise spacing.

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