A simple, three-dimensional, unstructured grid generation system is discussed and relevant results for turbomachinery and exhaust systems applications are presented. The method makes special emphasis in algorithm selection based in a small development effort to grid quality ratio. Engineering decisions based on state of the art grid technology knowledge have been adopted to balance fast development progress and turnover time.

The system is based in the sequential execution of Advancing Front and a Delaunay algorithms to produced solution adapted meshes. In a first step a coarse background grid is created by the Advancing-Front method. During this phase boundaries are strictly preserved due to the nature of the approach. At this stage a Delaunay algorithm is employed and the boundary faces are blocked so that they cannot be destroyed in further triangulations. Since both techniques collaborate in the solution of the problem it is possible to write simplified versions of the algorithms that retain nearly all the benefits and eliminate most of the troubles while keeping still reasonable performances.

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