Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) has been developing integrated turbine fuel control systems since the late 1980s. This is part of a long term vision to completely integrate the control systems at its compressor stations. These systems are integrated into the “off the shelf” Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) used for unit sequencing and shutdowns.

As part of this effort NGTL began development of a fuel control system for the General Electric LM-1600 gas turbines in 1993. These systems, now successfully in service, proved to be the most challenging to develop. NGTL uses gas turbine packages, eleven of which are LM-1600s, to drive the compressors used in its gas pipeline system. This paper includes some brief background reasons why NGTL has chosen to develop fuel control systems and describes in detail the development of the fuel control system for the LM-1600. Discussion of the control challenges of the LM-1600 includes fuel throttle valve and actuator selection and options, control system hardware and software development (consistent with the General Electric Installation Design Manual (IDM) requirements) and, engine model development. The model application, office testing, site performance testing and the static and dynamic test results are also discussed. The paper also describes NGTL’s future plan for installation of LM-1600 fuel control systems on its fleet.

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