Magnetic bearings, unlike traditional mechanical bearings, consist of a series of components when mated together, form a stabilized system. A series of four papers will summaries the results carried out at Draper in the development of a high temperature magnetic bearing suspension system for a gas turbine application. Part I [1] will document our approach for rotordynamics modeling of the turbine shaft and the development of models for use in our simulation programs. Part II [2] documents the simulation efforts and the control system which resulted from this effort. Parts III and IV [3] document the design and fabrication of the magnetic bearing actuators and the auxiliary touchdown bearings.

This paper, part III, deals with the design of the high temperature magnetic bearing actuators. Two radial and one axial magnetic bearing actuator were designed to meet the requirements for the turbine application. No bias coils are included in these design. The biasing flux is provided by current from the control power amplifiers. All the coils are made from ceramic coated copper wire and are terminated to high temperature connectors designed into the actuators. The new high strength Hiperco 50 HS material was chosen for the rotor lamination material for the radial bearings. A customized heat treatment process for this material in a high vacuum environment was developed to insure the maximum strength was obtained with the maximum magnetic properties. High temperature ceramic coated copper wire and bonding and potting material used for the coil assembly were tested up to 650 degrees C without failures.

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