An advanced, simple cycle, gas turbine engine under development will offer revolutionary improvements in simple cycle efficiency, emissions, and the cost of electricity. Overall thermal efficiencies from 38 to 40+% are projected over a 4 to 14 megawatt (MW) power range through the application of industry leading aerodynamics, turbine cooling, and material/manufacturing technologies. This family of engines will be identified as the Allison Model 701-K series. Aggressive compressor pressure ratios and firing temperatures equal to the most advanced, commercially available aero engines, will be used to reach this level of performance. This cycle efficiency is complemented by revolutionary advancements in dry low emission combustion technology that support the demands of future emission regulations.

The initial engine design and development effort is being accomplished under a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Allison Engine Company, and multiple industry partners. This paper outlines the path to selecting the ATS engine cycle and general arrangement, the types of technologies required, and their application to the engine. An overview of the engine development program, including component rig and engine tests, and program status are presented. Program plans to evolve the ATS into a family of advanced industrial engines are also outlined.

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