In the present work numerical simulations for flow in a straight channel with square cross section is presented. While three of the walls of the channel are smooth the remaining wall was simulated to possess a combination of ribs and bleed holes. To allow for a comparative evaluation of the said heat transfer promoters that same wall was also simulated with holes only; ribs only; or simply smooth. Reynolds numbers from 10,000 to 38,000 based on the hydraulic diameter were considered. Very general multi-block structured grids were used to allow good grid quality around ribs and into the holes, and also to minimize the number of cells required. Turbulence was accounted for by a k-ω turbulence model which does not require reference to distance to a wall. Good agreement with experimental results demonstrate that the structured multi-block approach with the k-ω turbulence model is efficient and viable even for very complicated geometries.

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