The effect of vortex-generators on the heat transfer from the internally ribbed passages of a turbine blade coolant channel is studied experimentally using a mass-transfer technique. Cylindrical vortex-generators placed directly above the ribs have been used in this study. Results are reported on the effect of the spacing between the vortex-generator and the ribs. Detailed distributions of the Sherwood number contours and the centerline Sherwood number distributions are presented. Three generator-rib-spacing/rib-height (s/e) values of 0.55, 1, and 1.5 are considered. It is shown that at small generator-rib spacings (s/e = 0.55), the two act as a single element, and lead to a retardation of the shear layer development past the reattachment point. This is generally associated with lower heat transfer. At a larger generator-rib spacing (s/e = 1.5), the generator-wake and the rib-shear-layer interact with each other to promote mixing and heat transfer.

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