The influence of rotation and uneven wall heat flux effect on the local velocity distribution as well as local heat transfer coefficient in a rotating, two pass rib roughened (rib height e/DH = 0.20; rib pitch p/e = 5) square channel were studied for Reynolds numbers from 5000 to 10000 and rotation numbers from 0 to 0.1602 (≤ 300 rpm). The measured mean velocity under different wall heat flux condition for the specified rib configuration at ReH = 5000 and 10000, ReH = 0, 267, 534 and 801 are presented. Regionally averaged Nusselt number variations with rotation (≤ 800 rpm)along the duct have been determined over the trailing and leading surfaces for a two pass channel. Moreover, LDV measurements with heating were examined. It was found that the Coriolis force as well as centrifugal buoyancy is significant as the rotational speed increases.

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