The effects of nonuniform combustor exit temperature profiles on vane and rotor heat transfer were determined using a steady-state three-dimensional Navier-Stokes analysis. Both radial and tangential nonuniform temperature profiles were individually considered. Comparisons are made with experimental data for the effects of a radial temperature nonuniformity on rotor heat transfer. There was a decrease in stator heat load, and an increase in rotor heat load for a radial temperature distribution typically seen at the combustor exit. Tangential variations in stator inlet temperature produced significant variations in stator heat load, and resulted in average rotor heat load greater than for the uniform inlet temperature case. Rotor heat load was also calculated for different stator wake locations. Accounting for the stator wake position at the rotor inlet gave a greater average rotor heat load than that obtained by averaging the stator exit flow field in the tangential direction. The increase was most notable on the rotor pressure surface.

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