The purpose of the HVTE-TS program is to develop gas turbine engine technology in support of U.S. Department of Energy/automotive industry programs exploring the use of gas turbine generator sets in hybrid-electric automotive propulsion systems.

The primary objective is the development of four key technologies to be applied to advanced turbogenerators for hybrid vehicles:

• structural ceramic materials and processes

• low emissions combustion systems

• regenerators and seal systems

• insulation systems and processes.

The HVTE-TS program builds upon the significant technology base already established by the previous DoE/NASA Advanced Turbine Technology Applications Project (ATTAP).

HVTE-TS activities during 1996 included: ceramic component design, materials and component characterization, ceramic component process development and fabrication, ceramic component rig testing, and test-bed engine installation and setup. Progress has also been made in the durability testing of various regenerator materials and components, as well as in the application of unique insulation systems. This paper highlights recent progress and current status of each of the four key technologies described above.

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