The results of an experimental investigation to determine the impact of stator row indexing or clocking on multistage axial compressor performance are presented. Testing was conducted in the NASA Lewis Research Center’s Four-Stage Axial Compressor Facility. The impact of stator row indexing on both the overall and stator 3 blade element performance is presented for both the peak efficiency and peak pressure operating conditions. The change in overall performance due to stator indexing is 0.2% for both operating conditions. Indexing resulted in a 5% change in stator 3 mass averaged loss coefficient at the peak efficiency condition and a 10% change at the peak pressure condition. Since the mass-averaged stator 3 loss coefficient is on the order of 7%, the changes in loss coefficient due to indexing are on the order of 0.35–0.7%. These changes are considered to be small and are of the same order of magnitude as the passage-to-passage differences in loss coefficient due to manufacturing and assembly tolerances in the test compressor. The effects of stator-stator wake interactions are also shown and indicate that for rows with unequal blade counts it may be necessary to survey across more than one blade row pitch for accurate blade row performance measurements.

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