Research and development of ceramic gas turbines (CGT), which is promoted by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), was started in 1988. The target of the CGT project is development of a 300kW-class ceramic gas turbine with a 42 % thermal efficiency and a turbine inlet temperature (TIT) of 1350°C. Two types of CGT engines are developed in this project. One of the CGT engines, which is called CGT302, is a recuperated two-shaft gas turbine with a compressor, a gas-generator turbine, and a power turbine for cogeneration. In this paper, we describe the research and development of a compressor for the CGT302.

Specification of this compressor is 0.89 kg/sec air flow rate and 8:1 pressure ratio. The intermediary target efficiency is 78% and the final target efficiency is 82%, which is the highest level in email centrifugal compressors like this one.

We measured impeller inlet and exit flow distribution using three-hole yaw probes which were traversed from the shroud to the hub. Based on the measurement of the impeller exit flow, diffusers with a leading edge angle distribution adjusted to the inflow angle were designed and manufactured. Using this diffuser, we were able to attain a high efficiency (8:1 pressure ratio and 78% adiabatic efficiency).

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