The development of a variable geometry lean-premixed combustor is in progress at NAL. Engine testing has been cooducted by using a natural gas-fueled 210-kW gas turbine to demonstrate the capability of ultra-low NOx emissions over a wide range of eogine operation. This paper describes the effort of engine testing of the combustor to achieve NOx emissions of the 10-ppm level. Fuel was staged to the non-premixed pilot and premixed main burners. A butterfly valve air splitting system was employed to maintain both low NOx emissions and high efficieocy over a wide operating range of the engine. The engioe was operated in the lean-premixed, low NOx emissions mode from idle to full power. Over the whole operating conditions from idle to full power, NOx emissions were reduced to levels less than 25 ppm (15% O2 dry). The NOx emissions level for a nearly constant combustion efficiency decreased with increasing power or turbine inlet temperature. At operating conditions of 90% to full power, NOx emissions levels of 12 to 8 ppm (15% O2 dry) were measured with combustion efficiencies of 99.7 to 99.1%.

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