Advanced development of a second-generation dry, low-NOx combustor for KHI’s 1.5MW industrial gas turbine, M1A-13A, is described. In this advanced development, efforts were made mainly to improve combustion efficiency in addition to NOx reduction experimentally. The combustion liner was extended to increase combustion volume, and supplemental burners were installed downstream of multiple main burners to broaden low-NOx operation range. In consequence of the optimization of the fuel allotment, air/fuel ratio at each burner, cooling air, and so on, the engine showed NOx emissions under 15 ppm (15% O2), and a combustion efficiency more than 99.5% over the range between 75% and 100% load. Finally, by means of a 300-hour operation at full load and a 500-cycle endurance test, the total reliability of this combustion system was ensured.

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