A low emission combustor, which uses a prevaporization-premixing lean combustion system for the 100 kW automotive ceramic gas turbine (CGT), has been subjected to performance tests. Now a second combustor prototype (PPL-2), which incorporates improvements intended to overcome a flashback problem observed in an initial combustor prototype (PPL-1), is tested.

The PPL-2 has been designed and built, so that it will substantially expand the stable combustion range. The improvement is accomplished by increasing the air distribution ratio in the lean combustion region to avoid flashback, providing a uniform flow velocity through the throat area and also by diluting the boundary layer so as to suppress flashback. Test results of the PPL-2 combustor show that it expands the flashback limit without affecting the blow out limit and is able to cover the stable combustion range need for the 100kW CGT.

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