The wakes behind turbine blade trailing edge are characterized by large scale periodic vortex patterns known as the von Karman vortex street. The failure of steady-state Navier-Stokes calculations in modeling wake flows appears to be mainly due to ignoring this type of flow instabilities. In an effort to contribute to a better understanding of the time varying wake flow characteristics behind turbine blades, VKI has performed large scale turbine cascade tests to obtain very detailed information about the steady and unsteady pressure distribution around the trailing edge of a nozzle guide vane. Tests are run at an outlet Mach number of M2,is,=0.4 and a Reynolds number of Rec = 2·106. The key to the high spatial resolution of the pressure distribution around the trailing edge is a rotatable trailing edge with an embedded miniature pressure transducer underneath the surface and a pressure slot opening of about 1.5° of the trailing edge circle. Signal processing allowed or differentiation between random and periodic pressure fluctuations. Ultra-short schlieren pictures help in understanding the physics behind the pressure distribution.

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