In order to improve the operating range of a centrifugal compressor, computer-controlled variable inlet and diffuser vanes were attached to a compressor with a pressure ratio of 2.5. Low-solidity cascade vanes capable of controlling the vane angle up to 0 degrees from the tangential direction were used for the vaned diffuser. The compressor’s overall performance was then tested using a closed-loop test stand. By automatically adjusting the diffuser vanes to the most suitable flow angle, pressure fluctuations caused by the unstable flow in the diffuser during low-flow operation of the centrifugal compressor could be suppressed, and the compressor could be operated nearly up to the shut-off flow rate without any surge. The author experimentally confirmed the critical operating range of both the impeller and diffuser at two different tip speeds and five inlet guide vane angles. Furthermore, a three-dimensional viscous flow-analysis method was applied to the impeller, and a three-dimensional momentum integral analysis method was applied to the diffuser. Then the critical operating ranges obtained in the experiments were qualitatively validated. The operating range of a centrifugal compressor under low-flow conditions, which has until now been limited because of surge, dramatically improved in this study, thereby demonstrating that it may be possible to develop a surge-free centrifugal compressor.

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