A wave rotor topped gas turbine engine has been identified which incorporates five basic requirements of a successful demonstrator engine. Predicted performance maps of the wave rotor cycle have been used along with maps of existing gas turbine hardware in a design point study. The effects of wave rotor topping on the engine cycle and the subsequent need to rematch compressor and turbine sections in the topped engine are addressed. Comparison of performance of the resulting engine is made on the basis of wave rotor topped engine versus an appropriate baseline engine using common shaft compressor hardware. The topped engine design clearly demonstrates an improvement in shaft horsepower and SFC. Predicted off design part power engine performance for the wave rotor topped engine is presented including that at engine idle conditions. Operation of the engine at off design is closely examined with wave rotor operation at less than design burner outlet temperatures and rotor speeds. Challenges remaining in the development of a demonstrator engine are addressed.

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