This paper describes the specification, development and testing of the FT8-2 Dry Low NOx control system, and how the lean bum process requires an integration of the control system and combustion hardware. The FT8-2 digital fuel control system was developed to achieve the precise multi-zone fuel metering of both gas and liquid fuels, the calculation of combustor air flow necessary to achieve Dry Low NOx and the traditional governing/limiting control loops necessary for safe, stable engine operation.

The achievement of the system design goals was accomplished by the concurrent development of software Based fuel metering algorithms and fuel metering hardware. The fuel metering hardware utilizes an all electronic valve positioner, employing a combination of feedback and software to achieve closed loop control of actual fuel flow. Extensive testing under actual gas flow conditions and closed loop bench testing using a real time engine model and fuel system model was conducted to prove system operation and develop system transient response prior to Installation on the test engine. The setup and results of the flow testing and dosed loop testing are described.

The paper describes the control scheme used to apportion the gas fuel between combustion zones and how external conditions such as ambient temperature and fuel gas composition effect the apportionment.

The paper concludes with a description of the control system installation in the engine test cell and a review of engine test results.

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