Solar Turbines Incorporated has developed the Taurus 70 gas turbine in response to growing market demands in the 7 MW size range. The simple cycle, two shaft engine is rated for 7.1 MW and 34% thermal efficiency at the ISO inlet condition. The product development strategy adopted for the Taurus 70 was to incorporate proven technology that has been demonstrated with the existing Taurus 60 and Mars engines. The final design configuration was influenced by the use of an uprated Taunts 60 compressor assembly to achieve thermodynamic cycle parameters similar to the Mars engines. The standard engine configuration also includes a dry, lean-premix, combustion system to provide a gas turbine with the lowest emission and highest simple cycle efficiency in its size class.

This paper describes the proven product technology, basic engine configuration and development test strategy involved in the development of the new Taurus 70 gas Turbine.

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