Initial results of the first step (at Pa = 0.11–0.12 MPa) of an experimental investigation of the basic parameters of full-scale, micro-flame double-zone combustors with flame tubes are presented. This combustion chamber is developed for a 2.5 MW advanced ceramic gas turbine unit. (Sudarev, et al., 1991). This engine, when working at the design operation conditions, has an efficiency range of 41–46%, which is a function of using either intecooling or a heat regeneration scheme. The efficiency is the result of increasing the gas temperature to a maximum turbine inlet temperature of 1250°C and a 2.5 MW pressure ratio of 29. With such high initial parameters of the working media, the problem of nitrogen oxide emissions reduction assumes paramount importance.

The objective of the paper is to develop a combustor which would ensure NOx emissions at the design conditions not above 75 mg/Nm3 (at 15% 02) due to application of a double-stage working process of pre-mixture firing. Specific features of fuel burn-up, formation of pollutants at combustion, dependencies of combustor characteristics and upgraded algorithm of combustor loading are also shown.

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