The paper outlines the main features of the PGT 16 gas turbine with its auxiliaries and summarizes the experiences made in the field with the first seven units put in service starting in the first quarter of 1992.

The PGT 16 gas turbine utilizes an aero-derivative gas generator, the LM 1600 manufactured by General Electric, coupled with a heavy-duty power turbine designed and manufactured by Nuovo Pignone. This power turbine is the same utilized for the 14000 HP heavy-duty gas turbine Nuovo Pignone PGT 10. The nominal shaft power is 18600 HP, with 36.4% efficiency.

The design shaft speed of 7900 rpm makes this unit particularly suitable for mechanical drive applications, matching the typical speed range of centrifugal compressors in its power range. At the same time the high efficiency makes this unit attractive for both simple cycle and combined cycle power generation plants.

The package design privileges maintenance requirements to minimize the downtime and to provide the highest possible degree of availability.

The first 5 units in service have been installed along the Transcanada Pipeline and drive pipeline booster ‘compressors, PCL and BCL type: the other two units are in operation in a cogeneration facility in a paper-mill. At October ’93 the seven units have totalled 60,000 fired hours and the fleet leader 13,000 fired hours approximately.

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