A new, highly efficient 25-MW aero-derivative gas turbine, model FT8-55, has been developed for mechanical drive applications as a member of the FT8 gas turbine family which also includes two generator drive gas turbines, models FT8-30 and FT8-36, with power turbine speeds of 3000 rpm and 3600 rpm, respectively. For the new mechanical drive version FT8-55, the power turbine can be operated up to 5775 rpm at maximum continuous speed. All power turbines are equipped with gas generators, model GG8-1, which are derived from the most popular aero-engine in civil aviation, the JT8D.

The first part of this paper describes design features, rotor dynamics, and material selection for the three-stage power turbine PT8-55. Rotor design permits unrestricted operation in the speed range from 2500 rpm up to maximum continuous speed.

The first FT8-55 gas turbine was subjected to mechanical and performance workshop tests at different speeds and power outputs up to full-load.

The second part of the paper deals with the description of the test stand arrangement for testing complete gas turbine packages as well as measurement techniques and data evaluation. Power was absorbed by a two-stage pipeline compressor, equipped with magnetic bearings and dry gas seals, which was operated in a closed loop. Thermodynamic and mechanical test results at various speeds and loads provide evidence of a highly efficient and mechanically robust gas turbine for mechanical drive applications.

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