A numerical study of the mixing and combustion characteristics of an axial jet issued from rectangular injectors of different aspect ratios (3 and 1/3) in a three-dimensional side-dump combustor is presented. The Reynolds number based on the bulk mean velocity and combustor duct height was 5.9×104 and the momentum ratio of the axial-fuel jet to the side-air jets was 0.2. A two equation k-ε turbulence model incorporating with a two-step finite-rate combustion model was adopted to simulate the nonreacting and reacting flows in a side-dump combustor. The computed nonreacting flow pattern was verified by the available experimental data. A comparison between the reacting and nonreacting flow patterns was made. The axis switching phenomenon previously observed for the unconfined or confined noncircular jets was examined in detail for the present side-dump combustor. It was found that the axis switching phenomenon was incomplete and that the aspect ratio had weak effects on the turbulent mixing and combustion in the ducted rocket combustor under the investigated conditions.

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