Premix combustion of natural gas in Siemens hybrid burners has been carried out successfully in gas turbine power plant since 1986 and has enabled NOx emissions below 10 ppm to be achieved without additional water or steam injection.

Based on this experience, the hybrid burner has been further developed for the premix combustion of fuel oil and is now in commercial operation in a Siemens Model V94.2 gas turbine at the Halmstad power plant in Sweden. The final testing of the new burners on site was carried out from January to September 1993 by courtesy of and in a fruitful cooperation with the client, SYDKRAFT AB.

This paper sets out a number of requirements for successful premix combustion of fuel oil, describes how these requirements have been met and concludes with the results of site measurements of NOx and CO emissions.

Base load NOx emissions were reduced to less than a quarter of their previous values without additional water or steam injection.

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