The NOx emissions of gas turbines are depending on different influences. On the one side there are the effects fixed by the gas turbine design and on the other side the ambient effects, the fuel properties and the operational conditions.

Because the NOx emissions are difficult to calculate by chemical reactions and flow calculations, some investigators developed semianalytical equations, which in their opinion contained the most important influencing factors together with some tuning factors for the actual gas turbine design and application.

This paper shows the capability of those procedures, including a new one. It compares the calculated NOx emission with measured data. The comparisons were made for one gas turbine fired with different fuels (natural gas, propane, butane, coke oven gas), as well as for different combustor inlet conditions in case of simple and regenerative cycle operation. Reference is made also for some other gas turbine models. Also full and part load operation as well as the steam injection effects are included.

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