A dry-low-NOx, high-airflow-capacity fuel injection system for a lean-premixed combustor has been developed for a moderate pressure ratio (20:1) aeroderivative gas turbine engine. Engine requirements for combustor pressure drop, emissions, and operability have been met. Combustion performance was evaluated at high power conditions in a high-pressure, single-nozzle test facility which operates at full baseload conditions. Single digit NOx levels and high combustion efficiency were achieved A wide operability range with no signs of flashback, autoignition, or thermal problems was demonsuated. NOx sensitivities 10 pressure and residence time were found to be small at flame temperatures below 1850 K (2870 F). Above 1850 K some NOx sensitivity to pressure and residence Lime was observed and was associated with the increased role of the thermal NOx production mechanism at elevated flame temperatures.

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