Advancements in high speed, light craft (HSLC) sea transportation require a main propulsion system that provides relatively high specific power with a minimum of weight/space. For commercial operations, the economics of the propulsion system are considered a key criterion in power plant selection. Marinizing a durable second generation industrial gas turbine, like the Solar Taurus® marine gas turbine, is ideally suited to satisfy the combination of the high vessel speed objective and the operating cost economic justification of commercial HSLC.

Since the Taurus gas turbine has evolved from an earlier marine propulsion gas turbine and is in offshore platform service using materials and coatings resistant to marine environments, certification for marine prime propulsion concentrated primarily on operating inclination dynamic loading and the interfaces with the auxiliary support systems.

With its high power to weight ratio, reliable performance, competitive first cost, and low operating costs, the Taurus marine industrial gas turbine can be further enhanced by recuperation and variable nozzle designs improving specific fuel consumption and part load efficiencies beyond other alternatives.

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