This paper describes the development and implementation of the Natural Design Cycle to Conceptual/Preliminary Design of gas-turbine-based aircraft engines. The Natural Design Cycle is a high speed design optimization cycle within which the human designer is actively employed.

The CAGEDR (Computer Aided General Engine Design) was developed at Delft TU to closely mimic the Natural Design Cycle. The main objective of this exercise was to obtain a modern and efficient tool to assist engineers in the conceptual/preliminary phase of gas turbine based aircraft engine mechanical and thermodynamic design, by automating many of the laborious tasks involved while leaving all intuitive and decision making tasks to the human designer.

The topics discussed herein will be of interest to other propulsion software and/or CAD developers, Among them,

• The Natural Design Cycle and its advantages

• generation High Speed (or Real Time) Engine Models in the form of ANSI C Source Code

Integration with Aircraft Design/Analysis

Real Time Movement Through Design Space for “Human in the Loop” optimization (the Dyn-Carp and the Dyn-Hist modules)

• The role of Graphic User Interface for defining engine models

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