The paper reviews the design for performance of this new high Reynolds number facility, which aims at achieving the two, sometimes conflicting, requirements of high testing quality as well as high productivity. As far as productivity is concerned, specific related features include the modular multiple model cart concept, the capability to work on cold models, the sequencing of model handling activities and the “fast” control of all wind tunnel and model handling operations. The plans for the future incorporation of a half model test rig and the possible use of turbine powered simulators in ETW are addressed.

An assessment of the anticipated productivity of the facility is presented. The self supporting nature of ETW GmbH is also taken into account. Over the initial operating phase, important commercial parameters such as nitrogen and energy consumption, staffing levels, occupancy etc. will be under close scrutiny, in order to optimize cost-effectiveness. Data from the early commissioning and calibration tests indicate that testing charges for ETW should remain at a level comparable to those for conventional wind tunnel testing, all things being equal.

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